6 Ways Your Furnace Tells You It Needs To Be Replaced

2 December 2014
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When the weather outside is cold and damp, you rely on your furnace to keep you and your family cozy and warm. Do you know the signs that your furnace is on its last legs? Here are 6 things your furnace might be saying to let you know it needs to be replaced. 

1. Can't Add Moisture to Your Air

Your furnace should be blowing moist, comfortable air into your home. If the air in your house seems to excessively dry, if you house constantly feels stuffy or you need to use a humidifier because of the air, it is a sign that your furnace is getting old. 

2. More Than 20 Years Old

Some furnaces break right away due to improper installation, but most furnaces will last about 20 years. Once your furnace gets to that age, begin to watch it for signs of deterioration. You should also start saving money for your new furnace. 

3. Can't Heat Rooms Evenly

Furnaces that are losing the ability to properly heat a home are often circulating air at inconsistent temperatures. If some of the rooms in your home seem extremely warm while others are cold, your furnace might be to blame. 

4. Your Electric Bill is Going Up

As furnaces age, they begin to require more energy to do the same job. This drop in efficiency often turns into an increase in energy bills. If you are constantly fiddling with the thermostat to get the same results or if you are paying more and more for your electric bill over time, have a professional check out your furnace. 

5. Can't Control My Blower

If the blower on your furnace goes off and on excessively or if the air it blows is sometimes cold, your furnace could be losing its efficiency. Listen for strange sounds from the blower and also for any banging or clanging. 

6. Making You Sick

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious illness that can make you and your family very sick. Cracks in your furnace can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home. If you or your family members have been experiencing unexplained nausea, burning in the nose and throat or frequent headaches, you should check to be sure your home's carbon monoxide levels are safe. A yellow pilot light can also be a sign of a carbon monoxide problem in your furnace. 

While replacing a furnace can be a lot of trouble, it is much better to heed the warning signs than to have the furnace go out just when you need it most. Listen to the clues, and your furnace will let you know when it's time to start shopping for something new. Still have questions? Contact a company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors to learn more.