Temporary And Semi-Permanent Auto Shelters: What Works

2 December 2014
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You may not have a garage or you are in the process of building one. Either way, you would like to have some sort of covering or enclosure for your vehicle, at the very least. Here are some temporary to semi-permanent solutions for sheltering your vehicle:

Car Tents

These structures can be both temporary or semi-permanent, depending on how you set them up. Most of them arrive as kits, with the added option to secure the legs in cement. If you want just the temporary solution, you can position the tent legs, tie and stake them down. The setup is quick and easy, and it goes up right out of the box, just like any other tent would.

Aluminum Carports

You can choose stand-alone versions or add-ons to your current garage. Some people who choose the add-ons place the carport's aluminum roof at an angle off the side of their current garage, but if you are reconstructing or remodeling your garage, you will want the stand-alone version instead. Similar to the car tents, you will position the six to eight legs of the car port to form the exterior frame.

They are semi-permanent, meaning your contractor or you will secure the legs in cement and the legs will not wobble or fall over in a storm. The frame of the roof fits on over the top posts of the legs, and finally the aluminum siding roof is positioned on top.

You may choose to leave the carport open, as it is sold that way, or you may ask a siding contractor to enclose it one-half to three-quarters of the way around with aluminum or vinyl siding. Given that you will have a new garage soon, this is only a valid option if you plan on using the car port as a second garage or to shield a second car when the garage is already in use. You may remove it or take down anytime you choose if you do not secure the legs into the ground but in cement bricks instead.

Other Temporary Options

There are very few temporary options, but one other is a tarp. Instead of a tent or carport, you would use a tarp every time you want to cover your vehicle from wind and weather. It is the least expensive option available, but it also is the least attractive and the most bothersome to deal with when you are in a hurry. If you prefer either of the above options, you can discuss them with local contractors to see which would work best for your needs and budget.

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