Understanding Potentially Inefficient Uses Of Compressed Air In The Construction Setting

2 December 2014
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Compressed air is one of the more widely used operational components in construction and industrial settings across the country. In fact, without compressed air, there are many tasks that would be much more time consuming and costly to complete. If you commonly use compressed air in your business, you are most likely already aware that there are particular safety practices that must be in place when compressed air is in use. However, there are also inappropriate uses of compressed air and compressed air equipment that you should be knowledgeable about in order to keep your operations running in an efficient manner.

Open Air Blowing Using Compressed Air

Anytime that you use a compressed air system without a regulator or nozzle, you are open air blowing. While this may seem like a harmless practice, it does come along with certain efficiency concerns. Construction site employees often use open air blowing for drying equipment, during cleanup, or even to blow through hoses and equipment components that have been compromised or clogged. In an industrial setting where manufacturing takes place, compressed air may be used to clear conveyors of debris or clear an area of sawdust or debris. There are much more efficient methods for accomplishing these tasks as compressed air can consume more energy than traditional methods.

Compressed Air to Cool Equipment

There are some pieces of equipment that are designed to use compressed air for cooling purposes and will actually require it. However, if a piece of equipment is not set up to receive compressed air, using it to cool a control panel, interior compartment, or other area can actually be damaging to the equipment. Without appropriate air flow regulation, small components can be hit at high rates of force with small particles, which can be not just dangerous for the operating capacity of the equipment, but a safety hazard as well. In general, you should make sure that the only equipment that is receiving compressed air for cooling is already set up for such action and use appropriate cooling methods for other pieces of equipment.

Utilizing safe practices with compressed air in the workplace is vital to the overall safety of your employees. However, potentially inappropriate uses can also cause a reduction in energy efficiency, or even damages to your equipment. Be sure to always train employees about the proper uses of compressed air, such as Compressed Air Systems, in your workplace to help eliminate these issues.