Additional Factors To Consider When Pricing A New Roof For Your Home

3 December 2014
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When it is time to replace your home's roofing system, you need to consider several factors. Some of these factors influence the cost of labor and you may not be aware of what can drive these prices up. Understanding what influences the final price of your new roof can help you choose the right services when you want to replace your home's roofing system.

Square Footage

To understand the pricing that roofers charge, you need to know what factors influence these costs. For example, the fees that a roofer generally charges is based on a ten-by-ten foot section, referred to as a square. This measurement is a little difficult to understand at first, since most construction work is based on traditional square footage, which will be one-by-one foot sections.

Tear Off Options

Another factor that will influence the cost of your new roof is whether you need to remove the old roofing materials first. Unless the older materials are rotted, molding, or have moisture issues, it is feasible to leave them in place. However, if you have more than one layer of roofing materials, it is in your best interest to remove them, so you can reduce the amount of weight that is on top of your home.

If you decide to remove the older materials, you will spend around $100 per square when you only have one layer. This price goes up when you need to remove multiple layers, but you can expect to pay $115 for two layers and $125 if you have a third layer.

Other aspects will influence this price such as the height of your home. Some roofers will charge more for a two-story home, because they need to bring additional safety gear and equipment to handle the work.

Difficulty of Roof Dimensions

One area that few people consider is the difficulty of the roof. When your roof has odd angles or steep slopes, this can influence the amount that the roofer charges for installing the new materials.

With a steep slope for example, the roofers will need to take their time and work slowly. If they were to try to complete the work fast, the roofers risk falling or they may install the materials improperly. Since they will need to be very cautious, the labor costs and time needed for the work will increase the amount you pay.

Replacing your roofing comes with several costs beyond the simple labor and material prices. You need to consider several other aspects, so you can choose the right services for replacing your roof. Knowing what will influence the price can help you budget for your new roof and it can prevent you from being surprised by the quote you get from the roofing companies, such as Holzer & Jesko Quality Exteriors LLC, you contact.