Gutters, Holding Tanks, And Rainwater – How To Reduce Your Water Bill By Harvesting Rainwater

3 December 2014
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Have you been looking for ways to reduce your water bills each month? You can bring them down and do your part to conserve water by installing a rainwater harvesting system to supply your outdoor water uses.

Type of Holding Tanks

Water harvesting systems come in two main forms – above-ground holding and underground holding. Before you begin digging to install an underground holding tank, be sure to contact your local municipality to learn if any permits are required for underground tanks where you live.

Once you have determined if the tank will be above or below the surface, you can continue planning the system. If you are using above-ground holding tanks, the installation of the harvesting system is much simpler. You will simply place the holding tanks at the base of the downspouts on each corner of your home.

Underground holding tanks are a bit more complicated. You will need to dig a hole large enough to bury the tank, run piping to feed the water into the holding tank, and install piping to dispense the water. If you choose to go with a large holding tank, a water pump may also be needed to force the water out of the tank, through the piping, and out the hose. Another method of dispensing the water is through air pressure.

The Gutter System

The rain that runs off of your roof and into your gutters is going to be directed into the holding tanks. Because of this, the gutter system must be set up to send the water to the areas where it needs to go.

Gutter systems feeding an underground holding tank should have limited downspouts. This will help send as much water as possible into the holding tank, rather than into the ground.

If your gutters are in poor condition, you may need to have them replaced. If the gutters are leaky, filled with debris, and corroding, it is likely in your best interest to contact your local gutter installers and have a new system installed. Not only will a contractor like Tingley's Seamless Spouting help you with new gutters, but he or she can likely provide you with advice to make your gutter system more effective when setting up a rain harvesting system as well.

Rain harvesting is more popular in some areas than it is in others, but it is a growing trend across the country. Utilizing the free water that falls from the sky can reduce the cost of maintaining a lush, green lawn and keeping your car clean throughout the year.