Got Mice? How To Make Your Winter Pest Control Methods More Effective

16 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Mice are a common problem. This is especially true in winter when temperatures are low and conditions outdoors are harsh. As the cold weather sets in, mice will seek indoor locations for safety and comfort. Homeowners affected by mouse infestations may use a variety of methods and products to eliminate mice from their homes, but not all people are aware of the ways to make these methods and products more effective. These tips will help you maximize your pest control practices and eliminate mice from your home. 

Maximizing Trap Effectiveness

There are a variety of traps available on the market. Three very popular trap types include:

  • Glue traps
  • Clap/snap traps
  • "No kill" humane traps

These 3 types of traps work very differently, but the methods for maximizing the effectiveness of these traps are generally the same. For example:

  • Use bait. Mice are not naturally inclined to walk onto or into traps without motivation. Bait like cheese or peanut butter gives mice a reason to venture into the vicinity of a trap.
  • Put traps in locations where mice have been. Mice leave evidence of their presence in their favorite places. Feces, hair and chew marks are all signs that mice leave in places they frequent. Look for these signs around your house to identify the best locations to place traps. If you cannot find evidence of mice, look in warm, dark places that are sheltered and concealing. For example, look under stoves and refrigerators, in cabinets and behind doors. 
  • Use a variety of trap brands and types. You will find that different trap types and even different brands will be more effective than others. Experiment with the types and brands of traps that you buy.
  • Check traps daily. Over time, traps can become damaged or compromised in such a way that renders them ineffective. For example, glue traps can become covered in dust and then glue can lose its stickiness. Check traps daily to ensure their viability.

Know When to Call a Professional

If you continue to experience an infestation for several weeks, consider calling for professional help. Professional pest control companies have access to products that ordinary homeowners do not. Exterminators also have skills and training that can help them catch mice. Professionals know where to look and may be able to identify signs of mouse infestation that you have missed. When all else fails, call in a pest control company to eliminate your problem.