How Air Vacuum Excavation Can Reduce The Risk Of Hitting Underground Gas And Power Lines

21 April 2015
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Digging trenches, clearing pads and other excavation projects all have one important thing in common: the danger of underground utility lines for power and gas. If you hit an underground power line with the bucket of a tractor, you could be electrocuted in the driver's seat. If you hit a main natural gas line, you and an entire city block could be fatally injured from the explosion it would cause. Because of these dangers, locating underground utilities accurately is vital before you start any earth moving project. Find out how you can get the most dependable location readings using air vacuum techniques for your next excavation project

Taking Advantage Of The Natural Effects Of Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is produced naturally when matter is in motion. The slower matter moves, the lower the level of kinetic energy that is produced. Vacuum excavation is based on this type of simple science. Air is blown through a tube that is attached to an air compressor on a truck. When the air is blown at high pressure, the kinetic energy it produces is strong enough to remove packed dirt. Blowing the dirt away from underground lines is a lot safer than digging into them with the boom of an excavator. If you worry about the accuracy of traditional locators, learning more about vacuum excavation experts in your area is a good idea.

Water Vs. Air: Which Is Better For Vacuum Excavation?

One of the greatest benefits of air vacuum excavation is no huge mess to clean up after lines have been found and marked. When water excavation is used, you have mud, and a lot of it, to deal with during your task of marking locations. Air vacuum excavation is better because it saves time, and when you are paying someone by the hour to locate for you, a lot of money as well. However, both methods are effective and provide more accurate locations than traditional techniques.

The Sooner You Can Dig, The Sooner You Get Paid

In most areas of business, saving time means saving money. By using air vacuum excavation, locating underground utilities will take a lot less time on your next earth moving project. The less time it takes for you to finish one project means you have more time to start another one and the sooner you get paid.

Knowing your underground line locations are accurate is a good way to have peace of mind and less stress about your excavation project. When you use air vacuum excavation, you never have to worry about your tractor operators being seriously injured or killed by hitting a dangerous underground utility line. Speak to a company like Rita's Equipment Rental to learn more about the kind of equipment you need for vacuum excavation.