Architectural Home Designs for 2015

22 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Architects in 2015 are designing very unique, innovative homes. These home designs are focused on saving energy, cutting maintenance time and costs, and bringing the family together. Here are a few interesting ideas being incorporated into newly designed homes and living spaces.  

  • Large, Open Floor Plans:  Open floor plans are becoming very popular in single-family homes and condominiums. In the past, kitchens were large and used as gathering areas for families. Architects are now eliminating walls between kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms to create even larger open spaces that function as the heart of the home. Family members can be together even when they are doing separate activities. Recessed ceiling lights and task lighting separate different areas within the space. 
  • Two Master Bedrooms:  Having more than one master bedroom is a great design feature for contemporary families. These master bedrooms can be used as large project rooms when needed. They also allow grown children, parents, and out-of-town guests to stay in a comfortable room when they visit the family. 
  • Specialized Storage:  Architects are designing and building specialized storage areas so that home owners can store their possessions and keep their house organized. They are installing under-cabinet storage areas, pantries, and small walk-in closets in all rooms of the house to keep things right where they are used and needed. This is especially helpful for families with children. 
  • Electronic Charging Alcove:  Families are now dependent on small electronic devices to communicate with each other and keep in touch with news and social media. Although the demand for home offices is diminishing, the family still needs a dedicated charging space for electronic devices. One design that works well is an electronics alcove in one corner of a room which has multiple electrical plugs for charging all hand-held devices together in one place.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Living:  Architects are building interior greenhouses to bring outdoor plants and small trees into the home. These greenhouses can be built as part of a living room, kitchen, or family room. A drip watering system keeps plants growing without maintenance. In turn, the plants generate clean, breathable air, and even fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. These greenhouses create truly unique, natural living spaces. 
  • Water Conservation:  In drought-stricken areas, architects are introducing water-saving features to reuse and recycle water. Outdoor water tanks and cisterns harvest rainwater for use in the garden. A weather-controlled watering system conserves the precious water until it is needed. Home owners are also planting drought-tolerant plants to cut down on water usage. 

Depending on individual family needs and budget, any of these innovative design ideas can save energy and maintenance costs and bring family members together. With the right planning and design, these ideas can be customized to create a truly contemporary home. If you'd like to look into contemporary designs for your house plan, consider contacting an architect from R+D Architecture.