3 Reasons For Water Pressure Problems In Your Home

23 July 2015
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You may not think very much about the water pressure in your house until you start noticing that the stream of water in your shower seems weaker or your washing machine takes forever to fill up. Low water pressure is not an uncommon problem, and here are a few reasons that you may be experiencing that.

Clogged Shower Head

When is the last time you unscrewed your shower head and cleaned it? If you can't remember the answer to that question, it is not a surprise that you're experiencing low water pressure as a result. Take your shower head off, and you may notice that it is clogged because of mineral deposits, particularly if you have hard water in your area.

If this is the case, you can clean your shower head so that normal water pressure returns. To do this, soak the shower head in a bag or bucket filled with equal parts water and white vinegar. The vinegar will soften the mineral deposits and the shower head will become unclogged.

Investigate the Fill Valve in Your Toilet Tank

Is your toilet tank refilling slowly? You may wonder if you have a problem with your water pressure, but there may actually be a problem with your fill valve. This valve, the vertical plastic piece in your tank, affects how quickly the tank fills.

How do you know if this is the culprit causing low pressure in your toilet tank? First, you have to make sure that the problem isn't the water flow inside the tube which feeds into the toilet tank, called the flex line. To determine this, stop the water flow to the tank by turning off the knob that sits behind your toilet. Then you need to aim the flex line so that water goes into the sink or a bucket. If the water pressure seems fine as it flows out of the flex line, the fill valve does need to be replaced. You can buy a new valve at any home improvement store.

Look for Clogged Washer Screens

If you have a problem with a slow-filling washing machine, that may very well be due to mineral deposits or other debris clogging the machine screens. To investigate, turn off the water which feeds into your machine and unscrew the water hoses. The screens should be visible and you'll be able to clean them by using a hard-bristle brush to brush away whatever is causing the clogs. If the screens have tears or holes, be sure to buy replacements.

Now that you have an idea of what may be causing pressure problems in your home, use the information in this article to help resolve the problem. If the problem persists or you need additional help, contact a local plumber such as C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning to help you.