Signs That You Should Get A Garage Door Repair

11 November 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Garage doors are important parts of the home. They let you arrive safely and leave quickly for work, school, and play. However, when they are not functioning properly, they can be more than inconvenient: they can be dangerous too. So here are signs to watch out for that indicate you need a garage door repair. 

Whirrs and Clicking Noises

When your door opens or closes, if you hear strange noises, then it's time to investigate. This could be cause for concern, especially if the noise continues for days or weeks. Or it could mean that damaged joints are making the noise such as your tracks, rollers, or panels - this can be due to aged springs.

More Friction than Normal

If the garage door that is in good shape doesn't close all the way down, then you should look into the alignment of the edges. Be sure to call in a professional garage specialist to perform an inspection if you notice this issue.

Support Panels are Bent

The support panels can be bent because of continued stress.Therefore, the stress affects their appearance and the way they function negatively. If they aren't fixed early on, the shape of your garage door could get worse as time goes on and then the damage will spread. This could mean that your door will then have bad insulation in addition to looking bad. The insulation quality will be reduced because more air can flow in and around your garage door. 

Off Balance Garage Door

There are times when one part of the garage door is working well but the other is lagging behind. This could be because the springs are not functioning correctly.

Garage Door Material is Decaying

Wood is a common garage door material, but it is known to decay and become brittle naturally. You shouldn't overlook holes or cracks or even bends to the surface of your door. This could mean that your door is decaying due to natural weather elements or pests. Call in a professional garage door specialist to repair it right way if you notice this issue.

Having a garage door that works properly is of the utmost importance. The garage door needs to work smoothly and quickly to allow you and your family to enter and exit safely. If you notice any of the warning signs above, be sure to contact a professional (such as one from Allied Garage Door Inc) right away so they can solve the problem.