Remove An Unsightly Stump From Your Backyard

5 January 2016
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If a large tree stump is diminishing the beauty of your backyard, remove it with the following steps. Once you have finished, plant grass seed in the area where the stump was previously located and utilize the extra space whenever you spend time outdoors.

Materials Needed

  1. power drill
  2. drill bit
  3. rubber gloves
  4. plastic funnel
  5. stump remover granules
  6. packing tape
  7. scissors
  8. vinyl tarp
  9. large rocks
  10. power saw
  11. garden shovel
  12. soil
  13. rake
  14. grass seed
  15. water hose
  16. sprinkler system

Drill Holes And Fill Them With Stump Remover

Use a power drill to create several holes around the top of the stump. Space the holes out so that they are a couple inches apart and make each one deep enough so that it can hold the amount of stump remover that is listed in the directions that are printed on the back of the product's container. Put on a pair of rubber gloves before opening the stump remover. Stump remover granules contain chemicals that could irritate your skin. Insert the tip of a plastic funnel into each hole and pour stump removal granules into it until all of the holes are filled.

Place strips of packing tape over each filled hole to help keep the granules in place. Cover the stump with a vinyl tarp so that it isn't exposed to moisture, which could cause the tape to come loose. Secure the tarp by placing some large rocks across each edge of it. Wait the recommended amount of time for the stump removal to work. Many products that are designed to decompose stumps can take several weeks to work.

Remove The Stump And Sprinkle Grass Seed

Inspect the condition of the stump after you have waited the recommended amount of time. If it is soft and spongy, it is ready for removal. Use a power saw to cut the stump into small pieces that you can easily handle. Use a shovel to loosen the soil that is around the roots that are under the stump. Cut the roots in the same manner that you used to remove the stump. Add soil to any parts of the ground that are lower than the rest of your property. Rake the ground's surface when finished.

Sprinkle a liberal amount of grass seed over the bare spot in your yard. Water the grass seed several times each week. After new grass has grown in the area where the stump used to be, appreciate the beauty of your property and enjoy the extra space. Click here for more information on stump removal.