Key Items To Protect Your Home And Family During A Winter Storm

23 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When the news comes on and tells you that a major winter storm is on the way, the first thing that may come to mind is preparation. Before you run out to the nearest supermarket for bread and milk provisions, you should consider some key provisions that your house needs first. The worst things that can happen during a storm is not running low on bread, but it is something bad happening to your home or your family. Here are some items to stock up on for your home before you go grocery shopping. 

Residential propane delivery

The worst thing for your pipes during the winter weather is to have no heat available. If your water is heated through propane, you should have the propane delivery service bring more than you normally order. If the winter storm snows you in, you will be around the house more often and you will be running hot water and the heating constantly. During a freeze warning, you will also need to turn your pipes on to drip to make sure that the pipes don't freeze over and burst. The minute that you notice a winter storm warning, call up to a propane delivery company, like Blue Flame Gas Service, and get extra propane delivered before the storm is scheduled to hit.

Pet safe ice melt

Being snowed in may be fun for spending quality family time and relaxing, however, there are some outside activities that cannot be put off, even in a snow storm. If you have a dog, they will still need to relieve themselves several times a day, so it would be a good idea to carve out a path from your home to the yard. After you shovel the snow, you will need to put down salt so that no one slips and is hurt from walking on developing ice. For this reason, you should invest in bulk pet safe ice. The ice that you purchase needs to be pet safe so that it will not cause cuts on your dogs paws, nor will they be exposed to any toxins from the ice. 

Batteries and appliances that run on batteries

One major concern during snow storms is the electricity going out. If you have a snow storm moving through, you there is a chance that your electricity will go out. The lucky part of a snow storm is that you can use the cold weather and snow as a temporary refrigerator. The bad part is, you still need a way to heat warm foods. For this reason, you should purchase battery powered appliances, such as a burner and a crockpot. This will allow you to heat up food even without using electricity. Having a way to warm food and can be vital to keeping up your body temperature, so stock up on batteries prior to the heavy snowfall.