Prevent Repairs By Improving Furnace Efficiency

9 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your furnace is likely fighting a losing battle in your home, for as fast as your furnace produces heat, it can leak out of your home. This means that your furnace has to run longer and harder than it should have to. Not only will this increase your operating costs, but it will also increase the wear and tear on your furnace. To prevent unnecessary repairs and premature replacement, you need to take steps to improve the effectiveness of your heating system as well as to improve your home's insulation envelope. 

Repair Leaky Ducts

Ducts can spring leaks due simply to the pressure of air flowing through your ducts day after day. You might not think that a few leaks in your duct system are a big deal, but the more air that is siphoned away, the smaller the volume of air that you have available to heat your home. In this way, leaky ducts can reduce your system efficiency by up to 40%. If you have an older heating system, you owe it yourself to have your ducts inspected and repaired as necessary. 

Change out Your Furnace Filter

You might think that a filter is only an issue as far as keeping the air in your home clean, but it is important to remember that a clogged filter can reduce the efficiency of your furnace. If you fail to change your furnace, it will starve your furnace for air, which can lead to higher utility costs and can even damage your HVAC equipment. 

Install Window Film

Making sure that your heating system is properly maintained will help to ensure that you avoid unnecessary wear, but if you have problems with your home's insulation envelope, your system will likely still work too hard. By installing energy-efficient window film on your windows, you can reflect heat back into your home before it has a chance to escape. Installing window film will cost far less than replacing your windows, and it can help to save 23% on your cooling costs and up to 25% on your heating costs. 

The more efficient your heating equipment is, the less it has to run to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. The steps mentioned above are just a few of the ways that you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. While you can go far, it is a good idea to look into ways to improve the function of your furnace so that you can save money both on operating costs as well as on maintenance. Speak to a pro from a company like Kohl Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.