Tips To Keep Your Construction Site Secure

21 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

It's extremely important to make sure your construction job site is secure at all times. Not only does securing your job site help deter thieves and vandals, it helps keep people away from the site so that they aren't accidentally injured. Fortunately, it isn't hard to keep your job site secure. Check out these tips.

Install Commercial Fencing

One of the easiest ways to keep people away from your job site is to install commercial fencing. Typically, commercial chain-link fencing is quite a bit taller than a residential chain-link fence -- making it difficult to climb. Also, commercial fencing surrounding a construction site isn't meant to be permanent. Instead of being installed in the ground, commercial chain-link fences come in sectioned panels. This way, when the job is complete, you're able to remove the fencing and take it with you to the next job site. However, if you don't need to use commercial chain-link fencing at the majority of your job sites, you can rent the fencing instead of purchasing it to save money.

After you have your commercial fencing installed, you need to place high-quality locks on the gate to keep unwanted people from wandering into the site after hours. Also, you should post warning signs along your commercial fence so that people walking by can clearly see that entering the job site puts them in danger.

Install Lights and Cameras

While installing lights and cameras throughout your job site doesn't guarantee security, vandals and thieves aren't as likely to strike at a job site if there is a possibility that they could be seen and identified. So, you should consider installing motion-sensor lights and cameras to deter them. If you can't install lights and cameras throughout your entire job site, you should at least have them installed around the site's perimeter so you can see who is coming and going 24 hours per day.

Protecting Your Tools, Equipment, and Materials

To keep the tools and materials that stay on site safe, you should have a designated storage space for them. This way, it's easy to keep an up-to-date inventory -- including pictures of your tools -- so that if you do have a loss, you'll have what you need on hand to file an insurance claim.

Protecting your heavy equipment is also important, especially because it's the heavy equipment that's left out in plain view overnight. You should stamp all of your heavy equipment with ID numbers so that you can easily keep an inventory of the equipment that's on site at any given time. Also, instead of allowing all of your workers unlimited access to the heavy equipment, put the site supervisor in charge of the keys. This way, the employees will have to get a key from the supervisor to use the equipment and return it when finished so that your site supervisor can ensure your equipment is accounted for and immobilized at the end of the day.