3 Inner City Business Tips For Dealing With Graffiti And Regular Painting Tasks

25 May 2016
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There are many benefits to having your business in-town, but there are also some problems that you may have to deal with, such as security and graffiti problems. If local hooligans regularly give your business a coat of unsightly paint, you may want to consider some solutions to fight back. Here are some tips to help you deal with a regular graffiti problem and preserve the image of your business:

1. Hire A Local Artist Or Commercial Painter To Promote With Graffiti

A local artist that does graffiti may be the solution to your graffiti problem. While unsightly defacement may not be desirable, you can use professional artwork to give your business a since of local pride and free advertising that everyone that passes by will see. This is something that a commercial painting service may be able to do for you, or help you find an artist to give the side of your business an attractive graffiti design.

2. Have A Commercial Painting Contractor To Apply Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Cleaning off spray paint from the side of your business can be a difficult task. This is why anti-graffiti coatings were invented. These are types of paints that will not absorb conventional spray paints, which makes it easier to clean up any graffiti with common cleaning equipment. In addition, this is something that can be applied in a clear coating over artwork that you have done to your business.

3. Use A Plain Vinyl Based Paint And Keep Buckets Available To Paint Over Graffiti

Another option that you may want to consider is having your business painted in a solid color with vinyl based paints. This can make it easy to just paint over the graffiti to cover it up. You will just want to have some extra buckets of paint mixed when you have your business painted to be able to do the maintenance. If you are considering this solution, it works best with darker colors, which you may want to consider another option if you are planning on using lighter colors; or just buy buckets and buckets of paint. Contact a commercial painting contractor to talk with them about paints that work best and have them apply the first coats for this solution. You can also have them mix the buckets of maintenance paint to leave with you for repairs.

While dealing with graffiti is often a headache, there are some things that you can do to fight back. To start, you can contact a commercial painter, like APC Services, and talk with them about solutions to help prevent graffiti that damages the image of your business.