Three Ways To Personalize A Chain-Link Fence

12 June 2016
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In the world of fencing, it doesn't get much more economical than a chain-link fence. Naturally, it's no surprise that quite a few homeowners have chosen this option for their home. The fact that this fence style is so common can make it hard for your lawn not to blend in with the neighbors. Here are just some of the things you can do to help personalize your chain link fence.


Chain-link fencing typically comes in a silver, aluminum material. Consider painting your fence for a different look. As long as you choose a rust resistant paint, you can choose any color you want from black to red. The key to success is properly prepping the fence.  

Particularly if your fence is older, you need to ensure that you are removing any rust. Even a small amount of rust on the fence can inhibit the paint from adhering and curing properly, causing it to chip quickly. Use a wire brush to remove rust and thoroughly clean the fence before painting.


Adding some landscaping to your fence is also a great way to add a level of customization and help your fence stand out. A low upkeep option is to plant ivies. Ivies are beautiful and they grow fast. However, most importantly, they don't require much maintenance so if you don't really have a green thumb, they can work.

Simply plant the ivies near the fence and as they begin to grow you can help guide them along the fence. If you don't want to plant at all, there are natural looking artificial ivies you can install on the fence as well.

Fence Screens

Installing fence screens in your chain-link fence won't just help the fence look different from your neighbors, it will also add a level of privacy. As their name suggests, fence screens are thin strips of material that are inserted and interwoven through the chain links on the fence.

They are available in a range of different color and material options, including metal and plastic. In terms of the privacy factor, the fence screens basically cover all of the open spaces in the fence, making it appear more like a solid surface, rather than a mesh-like surface.

Your home is your castle and your castle shouldn't look just like your neighbors. Just because you have a chain-link fence doesn't mean you can't have a unique fence. With a little creativity, you can transform your fence. Check it out to learn more about chain link fencing.