3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Boiler Working Properly

1 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When it comes to maintaining the productivity of your workforce, providing a comfortable environment in which workers can perform their duties is essential. If your commercial building relies on a boiler to generate heat during the cool winter months, you know how vital it is to maintain this piece of equipment.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you provide better care for your commercial boiler and keep it working properly well into the future.

1. Don't forget about your boiler during the summer months.

Once the temperature has increased enough that the services of a boiler are no longer required, it's easy for a commercial building manager to switch the boiler off and forget about it until the next winter. Failing to give your commercial boiler some attention during the summer months could prove costly when winter rolls around again.

If they are not utilized on a regular basis, boilers could potentially seize up. By taking the time to switch your boiler on for several minutes a few times throughout the summer months, you will help to keep the mechanical components within your boiler lubricated and ready to function properly when cool winter temperatures dictate the need for full-time boiler operation.

2. Check the boiler's pressure regularly.

Over time, your boiler could begin to lose pressure. A reduction in pressure can cause your boiler to work harder in order to maintain a constant temperature, resulting in an increase in energy consumption and monthly utility costs.

You should strive to monitor your commercial boiler's pressure on a regular basis to identify potential pressure losses as quickly as possible. Consult your owner's manual to determine the recommended pressure level for your particular boiler, and contact a repair technician to conduct additional diagnostic tests if you notice the pressure falling outside the manufacturer's recommended levels.

3. Keep an eye on your boiler's flame color.

The color of the flame generated while your commercial boiler is in use can tell you a lot about the health of your equipment. A functioning boiler will exhibit a flame that is clear blue in color, with a slight tinge of yellow at the tip.

When the flame shows signs of red, orange, purple, or green, this could be an indication that your boiler is not running as efficiently as it could. Contact a repair technician to determine if your boiler has a combustion problem if you notice discoloration in your unit's flame.

Understanding how to keep your boiler working properly will help you avoid the need for costly equipment replacement in the future. If your boiler is in need of repair, contact a company specializing in commercial boiler repair for assistance.