Best Roofing Materials For 2 Different Styles Of Neo-Eclectic Homes

2 August 2016
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Neo-Eclectic home styles have become popular in modern times as homeowner's seek to combine classic elements of traditional styles like Colonial and Victorian with more modern building materials and decorative elements. The type of Neo-Eclectic home you have, and its roof style, can help you choose a building material when working with a roofing contactor on a roof repair or restoration project.

Here are a couple of the common styles of Neo-Eclectic homes and what roofing materials work best for the style and roof type.


Neo-Colonial homes take inspiration from classic Colonial and Federal homes in that the layout is a fairly basic rectangular shape that emphasizes symmetry. The home has multiple stories built around a central entry hall that might also cause the main section of the house to jut out further than any side wings. Decorative accents include rounded windows, ornamental moldings, and ornamental columns flanking the front door. The siding is either vinyl or composite material like faux brick or stone and the roof tends to have a hipped shape with possible gable roofs appearing on any wings.

If you want to keep your roofing budget low, asphalt shingles have a low price tag and fabricated nature that will likely coordinate well with your siding material. Hip roofs, which have two sets of parallel sides that rise with a modest slope to the peak, have a particularly large surface area so a budget-friendly material could make your life easier.

Avoid using a high-end roofing material like slate, which will make your siding look more faux by comparison. If you want to upgrade with asphalt, go with wood shakes or shingles instead. The textured wood will look authentic and rustic but won't clash with your siding.


Neo-Mediterranean homes combine elements of Colonial, Spanish, and Greek architectures. The homes have white or off-white stucco siding, carved wooden doors, and decorative arches above the windows and doors. The roof has a low-pitched gable or hipped style or a really low-pitched flat roof style.

The Spanish influences in the home make clay tiles a natural assumption for the roofing material. But you should steer clear of these tiles if you have a flatter roof, which isn't visible from the ground, or if you have a gable roof, which tend to lack sufficient bracing to support the heavy roofing material. Hipped roofs, which have four moderately sloped sides and adequate bracing, could pair well with the clay tiles.

You could also consider wooden shakes or shingles, which would coordinate with the carved door and potentially some other decorative accents on the siding. Wood shakes or shingles offer texture to the roof, similarly to the clay tiles, but come in a more subdued range of colors.

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