Important Considerations About Drum Pumps Used In Your Chemical Business

9 September 2016
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The successful operation of a chemical company depends a great deal on the types of drum pumps used to withdraw chemicals into containers designated for shipping. The choices you make for new drum pumps are an essential aspect of your business running smoothly and without down time caused by failing pumps. Check out these tips for choosing the drum pumps best for your chemical applications.

Materials Matter When it Comes To Drum Pumps

If you choose a drum pump that is not durable or resistant to corrosion caused by a certain type of chemical, you could end up with rust and microscopic pieces of the pump's material in your chemical drum. When you send a chemical to a customer and it has pieces of your drum pump's material in it, you risk losing a customer. When a drum pump breaks down into a strong, corrosive chemical, you will have profit loss from the chemical being ruined while also being out the cash for the drum and pump. Making certain the pumps you select for various drums of chemicals in your company are resistant to chemical effects is essential for your business to remain operational and successful.

Drum Viscosity And Gravity Is Important To Remember

When a drum pump is drawing out a particular chemical, it may have a difficult time doing so if the chemical is too thick or too thin. For this reason, selecting drum pumps that are specifically designed for providing enough draw for the viscosity and gravity levels in a particular drum and the chemical in it is necessary. When the wrong size pump is in a drum, you lose time and money trying to withdraw the chemical, meaning it takes more time to provide your customer with a timely shipment.

Pump Tubes Cannot Be Too Long Or Too Short

The tube coming off a pump in one of your chemical drums is important for getting the right draw on the chemical during the pumping action. If a tube is too short, your pump will fail when the drum starts to get low. If the tube is too long, you risk it becoming crimped and causing the pump to fail during draws. Always measure the drum you are choosing a pump for to make sure you know how long the tube for it needs to be.

While a drum pump seems like a small part of your chemical business, you should know that if your drum pumps are not working properly, you will have problems sending out shipments to your customers. When you are unable to draw a chemical out of its drum, the time has come to inspect all your pumps.

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