3 Things to Know About a Water Well

20 January 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Buying a rural house is a great way to get a good deal on the price, but it can be a headache if there isn't a municipal water supply. However, you can rest easy if you opt for getting a water well drilled on the property. You might actually enjoy using a water well because you won't have to pay a monthly water bill like you would if you lived in most suburban homes. In this article, you will find some helpful information in regards to residential water wells. 

1. Ground Aquifers Will Have to Be Located

Before a water well is drilled on your property, a contractor will have to locate aquifers, or the permeable rock layer where groundwater is stored. The groundwater will be sent into your house through the well system. Rather than doing a lot of excavating to find the aquifers, a drilling contractor can use special equipment. He or she can then avoid ruing large portions of your landscape in the process, and finding aquifers will also be a faster task to complete.

2. A Well Pump Will Be Installed

When a drilling contractor has successfully found aquifers, he or she will then be able to be able to install a well pump. However, keep in mind that some contractors will only do the drilling on your behalf. You might have to hire a different contractor to install the well pump. It is in your best interest to ask about the specific services that will be provided in advance. Make sure the pump is installed deep inside of the ground, as it can have an effect on the amount of water you are able to receive in your home.

3. Regular Maintenance Should Be Done

Once you have had a water well installed on your property, it is important to make sure it receives regular maintenance by a professional contractor. For instance, being that the well pump will be located inside of the ground, it is easy for it to accumulate a lot of dirt. Hire a contractor to thoroughly clean the pump every now and then. There is also a pressure pump on a well system that is needed for water to enter the tank. Be sure that the pressure pump is in good shape at all times if you don't want your tank to run low on water.

If you're considering drilling for a water well on your property, talk to a company like Hudson Valley Drilling for more information about the process.