Lights, Camera, Take Action: When Your Child Flushes Something Strange, Request A Video Sewer Inspection

21 August 2018
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Something went down the sewer line that shouldn't have done so. Strange things do find their way into the plumbing lines. Adults may be a bit more judicious regarding how they dispose of debris. Small children don't always exercise the same judgment though. A child might take a simplistic view of how sewer lines work. So, while a parent performs do-it-yourself work in the bathroom, the child may choose to "help out" flushing a glob of joint compound down the toilet. Gurgling sounds and slow draining follows. How severe is the potential blockage? A video sewer inspection could reveal all.

Discover What 's in the Sewer Line

Joint compound, plaster, putty, grout, and more don't belong in a sewer line. A precocious young one, however, sent it there. Rather than panic, take steps to request a camera sewer line inspection to tell you how troubling the situation is. The images captured by the cameras may uncover:

A Not-Too-Severe Problem: An "improper joint compound flush" results in the narrowing of a sewer line. Right now, the situation might not be an emergency. Likely, the sewer line already suffers from narrowing woes due to unavoidable buildups. Years of flushing won't lead to pristine sewer lines. Yet, an emergency cleaning may or may not be necessary. Those on a budget might be able to slate the cleaning for a later date if possible. Follow a professional's recommendation regarding whether delaying drain cleaning is wise. 

Additional Unknown Problems: Whatever the young one flushed into the sewer may compound an already severe situation. The sewer line could now suffer clogs to the point a bacteria-riddled overflow becomes unavoidable. A camera inspection could tell you the sewer lines must be cleaned out with no delays. Video footage of a severe problem should prompt immediate action. This way, you may avoid both a significant cleanup and potential exposure to sewer waste. 

Ultimately, the camera tells the truth about the condition of sewer lines. Without actual images, you are left speculating about what might be a dangerous problem.

Let the Truth Serve as the Guide

The initial response to a weird clog -- partial or full -- usually involves purchasing an "unclogging" powder product from a store. The product might work fine on organic material. The dissolving powder's ability to eliminate home improvement compounds won't likely impress. Call a pro in this situation. Find out the extent of the problem via a clear video feed capture. Take appropriate measures based on the reality of the situation.

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