Tips For Saving Money When Building A Pole Barn On Your Hobby Farm

24 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you need a safe and dry place to store your growing stable of farm equipment on your hobby farm, then a pole barn, from a company like O'Neil Building Systems, is a great solution. Pole barns are less expensive to build than traditional wood barns or garage buildings, and they go up in a lot less time. 

If you have never built a pole barn, then these tips will help you save money and get the best barn to meet the unique needs of your hobby farm:

Tip: Learn About Your Local Building Codes as They Relate to Pole Barns

Every area of the country has their own building codes relating to building pole barns. If you start building and later discover the barn needed a permit and it doesn't meet the local building codes, then you could end up having to tear it down and start again. Since this is a very expensive and frustrating prospect, make sure you have a clear understanding of the local building codes before you start buying materials or building.

Tip: Choose a Large Sliding Door vs. an Overhead Door

When it comes to installing a door on your pole barn, choose a large sliding door on each end instead of overhead-style doors. Overhead doors are a lot more expensive and require openers for ease of use. In contrast, large sliding doors can easily be pushed open and closed by everyone. 

Tip: Skirt the Base of the Pole Barn to Protect It From Common Causes of Damage

Since the base of your pole barn can be seriously damaged by someone driving a tractor into it or another innocent mishap, you should protect the building's siding and structural poles with a layer of metal skirting. With the barn skirted, you will have a much easier and cheaper repair to make if someone happens to drive into the building with a vehicle or piece of farm machinery.

Tip: Choose the Highest Quality Materials You can Afford

As with many things, you will ultimately get what you pay for with your new pole barn. For example, if you use inexpensive materials to build it, then the pole barn won't be structurally strong and long-lasting. However, if you use the highest quality materials you can afford, then the structure will have a longer lifespan with fewer future repair needs. For this reason, you should build your new pole barn with the best materials you can afford.