How To Deal With Your Retail Store Plumbing Going Out

4 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Retail stores are an area when customers come to shop in comfort. A part of the comfort is being able to use the restroom or change babies as necessary. If you own a large store or if you have a store that is near eateries, it is a good idea to have available restrooms for your clients and your staff. One of the worst issues that can occur is the plumbing going out during the day. If your store plumbing is no longer working, this qualifies as an emergency situation and will need to be taken care of immediately. Here is a three-step action plan for store plumbing going out. 

Turn off the water and put up a sign

If the plumbing is overflowing or if there is another issue, such as the plumbing not draining correctly, the best first step is to turn off the water. Turning off the water will stop any flooding or overflowing from happening. Once the water is turned off, the toilets will drain, and the sink will no longer work, so you will need to put a sign on the front of the restroom to let customers and staff know that the restroom is closed. This will also allow the plumbing professionals the chance to work uninterrupted. 

Call an emergency plumbing service

Since most retail stores are open during regular working hours, it will be easy to find a plumbing service who can come out on an emergency call. Be sure that the service knows upfront that you are a retail establishment. They will need to know this information because they may need to check or have access to the plumbing in an adjoining store to determine the problem. If you know the root of the problem, such as a stopped-up sink or an object that was flushed, provide this information over the phone so that they can bring any equipment that will be necessary to work on commercial plumbing. 

Close the store in the event of any water leaks

As a retail establishment, it will be necessary for you to carry liability insurance in the event of accidents on your property. In order to lower your liability, you should close the store if there is any water leaking during the process of the plumbing repair. This will decrease the possibility of anyone falling on your property, and you have an insurance claim on your hand due to negligence. 

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