Have One Or More Shower Niches Installed In Your Master Bathroom

24 December 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your morning routine often involves reaching out to various parts of the shower stall to retrieve shampoo, sponges, or soaps, then you probably have encountered some instances when you dropped what you were retrieving or possibly spilled the contents of your favorite bathtime products. If you are going to have new tiling installed in your master bathroom, request that a shower niche is built into the wall space.

Learn About Niches

A shower niche is a permanent storage space that can be installed along any of the walls that comprise your shower enclosure. You can choose the size and shape of the enclosure and can even have a couple niches lined up over one another so that you organize your bathing products and store specific items in each niche.

Your contractor will add tiling to each niche so that the storage spaces are waterproof and can be cleaned with standard bathroom products that you already use to clean your shower stall. 

Choose A Unique Design

If you aren't interested in an oblong- or square-shaped niche and want to add a bit of character and appeal to your shower stall, choose a niche that has a rounded top and that contains multiple shelves.

Choose a tile color that is different than the color of the tiles that are being used to cover the shower walls. Even the shape of each tile can be unique, if you would like the walls of each niche to contain asymmetrical designs that differ greatly from the shower walls.

The tile size can also be smaller than standard tiles if you want the niche to have a distinct look that will stand out from the uniformity of the shower walls. If you have several people in your family who vary in height, then plan to have the niches installed at random levels so that each person will have their personal grooming products right at their fingertips. 

Keep The Niches Clean And Organized

Each niche and its shelving units should be cleaned thoroughly when you clean the rest of the shower stall. To make things simple, use a separate bucket or storage container to temporarily hold the contents of each niche. Then, apply foaming bathroom cleanser to the shelving units and interior walls of each niche. Rinse the surfaces and use a sponge to loosen soap scum and stains. Afterward, replace the bath products inside of the niches.

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