3 Helpful Services a Foundation Repair Team Can Provide to Homeowners

13 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home. If you notice it's damaged in any significant way, you need to contact a foundation repair company. They'll provide the following services to ensure your foundation issues don't get any worse. 

Onsite Inspection 

Before the foundation repair company does anything, they'll come out to your property and conduct an onsite inspection. This is crucial for letting the repair company know exactly what to quote you for and what repair techniques to administer to your property. The contractors that show up know exactly what foundation issues to look for when conducting this inspection. 

They'll also make a detailed report to document their findings. Once they're finished, they'll go over this report and break down any unfamiliar terminology. This way, you know exactly what's wrong with your foundation and understand how much everything is going to cost. Then, with your consent, the contractors can begin working on a long-term solution. 

Crack Sealing 

One of the most common problems with foundations today is cracking. When this happens, the cracks need to be addressed before they get any bigger and cause all sorts of costly damage in the future. For this issue, foundation repair companies can provide cracking sealing.

This process involves state of the art sealants, which will be administered directly in whatever cracks have formed. These sealants are completely weatherproof and temperature-resistant, ensuring they hold up for a long time. They're also waterproof to ensure the cracks don't get any bigger after heavy rain. 

Foundation Stabilization  

Probably one of the most severe problems that could occur to your home's foundation is for portions to sink. When this happens, severe cracking and structural damage can result. You can address this problem effectively by working with a foundation repair company, though.

How these companies approach foundation sinking is pretty innovative. They'll dig underneath your property's soil and set up push piers. These piers are made from industrial steel, so they'll support the entire weight of your property. The piers extend far below your home as well to areas where the soil is stable. This way, no more sinking occurs. 

Facing foundation issues with your property may send you into a frenzy, as these issues typically aren't cheap. Fortunately, foundation repair companies are available to address potential issues the moment they occur. With their professional assistance, you'll receive a detailed diagnosis and a sustainable repair can be performed immediately.