Tips For Finding The Best Location For Your New Furnace Installation

16 June 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are in need of a new heating system, then it is always wise to hire a professional for the heating installation. And, while this is true, you should make sure that you have a few things arranged beforehand. This includes finding the perfect location for the new heater. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you find the location. 

Near Your Fuel Source

Natural gas furnaces are among the most common in the United States, and if your installation involves one of these heaters, then you will need to look at locations in your basement that are close to the source of the fuel. So, look at where the gas line comes into your home or where the gas line was previously installed in relation to your old furnace. In addition to the gas line, you will need an exhaust to release the carbon monoxide, particulates, sulfur oxide, and hydrocarbons that are created as a byproduct of the combustion process. And, the exhaust pipe will travel outside your house, so it must be located near one of the outside walls of the home. Typically, one along the back or side of the house is utilized. 

When it comes to an electrical heating unit, you want the furnace to be located near your fuse box. This allows for easy wiring of the system and a quick shutoff in the case of an emergency. Also, since basements tend to flood, the placement near the fuse box will make it less likely to flood.

If you have a heating oil system, then you want your placement of the furnace to be closer to the outside wall where the oil tank is located. The oil line will need to be fed through the foundation wall to connect it to the oil tank. Close location will mean a shorter and less expensive fuel line.

In A Separate Space 

Your furnace will need a fairly large amount of space around its perimeter for safe installation. This allows for good air ventilation to ensure that the unit cannot overheat when it is in constant use during the winter months. The room itself should be measured and discussed with your heating professional before the installation occurs. You also should clear out all of the debris and other types of non-essential belongings in the area to make space for the furnace. 

Keep in mind that an area that does not go through abrupt temperature extremes is ideal for a furnace. So, make sure the space is insulated properly as an area that turns too chilly can place the furnace under too much stress. For more information, reach out to heating system installation companies.