A Few Roofing Considerations When You're Planning To Finish Your Attic

7 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're planning on converting your attic into a spare room, it's the perfect time to have new roofing put on too. When you'll have furniture and electronics in the space, the last thing you want is a roof leak that ruins your belongings or makes the room smell musty. Here are some other roofing considerations when you're converting an attic.

Making Changes To The Roof

Your attic has to be built according to code, and building codes usually require a certain amount of space. If your attic is cramped, you may need to have dormers added to the roof to make more room. A dormer window also provides a method of egress, which is also required for bedrooms. In addition, a couple of windows added to the roof allow in natural light so the space isn't so dreary. If your roof has enough height and space, then you may want to add a skylight to let in more light and for viewing the moon at night. A roofing contractor can help you decide on the right modifications needed for the roof so your finished attic meets your needs and is up to building codes.

Insulating The Roof

You'll probably need to add insulation to the floor, knee walls, and roof of the attic, especially if it will be used for a bedroom. Be careful when adding insulation that you don't heat up the roof and cause ice dams to form. Ice dams can harm your roof, but they can be prevented with proper ventilation. Your roofer may install a fan on the roof to enhance circulation through soffit vents. Just be sure baffles are placed over the vents so insulation and construction work don't block airflow.

Applying New Roofing

Any type of roofing is suitable for a finished attic since the space is insulated. Insulation on the ceiling helps baffle noise from a metal roof and protects against solar heating from dark asphalt roofs. One thing you might want to consider is weight. Before you begin renovations, a structural engineer should check your attic to make sure it can support the weight of the renovation and furniture. Modifications may need to be made so your home can support the extra weight. Some roofing materials can add a lot of weight too, such as concrete tiles and slate. If you need to watch the weight of your new roof, then consider metal, which is a lightweight roofing material.

Attics vary in houses. Some are so cramped that you can't even stand up straight in them. Others are large and have plenty of room for a master suite. If you have the space, instead of wasting it on storing clutter and junk, have the attic finished and turned into more living space for your family.