Have A Sagging Wood Gate? Tips For Fixing This Problem On Your Own

7 September 2019
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When you are finished with installing your wood fence, the gates will likely swinging open without any obstructions. However, the gates may over time. The gates will then become difficult to unlatch, and part of the gates will rub against the ground. This is a common problem with gates that are wide and heavy, which only rely on the hinge to stay upright. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem that can prevent gates from sagging. Here is what you need to know about installing a gate tension cable to fix the problem.

Gather Tools and Materials

Your local home improvement store should sell a gate tension cable kit that has all of the tools you need to fix your fence. This will include the tension cable, the bracket that is used to adjust the tension, and all the hardware needed to attach it to your wood gate. The only tool you'll need to get the job done is a power drill with the proper sized drill bits.

Prep The Tension Bracket

The kit's tension bracket will have a piece that looks like a turnbuckle, with the two bolts being as tight as they can in the bracket. You'll need to loosen those bolts so that the bracket is as open as possible.

Install The Tension and Cable Bracket

Pick a spot where the tension bracket should be installed according to the directions. This should be on a fence post that is near the upper hinges of your wooden gate. It will help to predrill holes for where the tension bracket is attached. The kit should tell you what size drill bit to use to ensure that the holes are not too big.

Do the same for the cable bracket that is installed on the lower portion of the gate on the opposite end of the hinges. This cable bracket is what holds the tension cable in place. Once again, predrill holes to ease with installing the bracket.

Install the Tension Cable

The tension cable will attach to the cable bracket on the gate and extend to the tension bracket on the fence post. The cable will wrap around the eye bolt in the tension bracket, with a special clamp being used to prevent the cable from becoming loose. YOu will then twist the turnbuckle to put tension on the cable until it is tight like a guitar string.

This cable will prevent gates from sagging downward over time, and ensure that the gates open smoothly for the foreseeable future. Consider having your fencing contractor install a tension cable at the time of the wood fence installation.