3 Reasons You Shouldn't Install Your Own Tankless Water Heater

31 January 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Making the decision to purchase a tankless water heater for your home is typically a positive thing. After all, a tankless water heater is great for helping you enjoy a nice, steady stream of hot water, and they are typically considered to be more eco-friendly, too. You probably should not install your own tankless water heater, though, particularly if you don't know much about them and if you don't have installation experience. These are a few key reasons why.

1. You Might Choose and Install the Wrong Water Heater

First of all, many people make the mistake of choosing and installing the wrong water heater. After all, tankless water heaters come in different sizes and types. Some of them operate off of electricity, while others use gas. Some are designed to simply be used at one point of use, while others can be used to supply hot water throughout the entire home. It can be a bit confusing to choose the right tankless water heater or to decide when to install more than one tankless water heater throughout the home. This is something that a professional should be able to help you with, though.

2. You Might Not Install it Properly

Although it might seem like installing a tankless water heater is going to be relatively simple, it is possible to make mistakes along the way, particularly if you don't really have any experience with these types of installations. If you don't install your tankless water heater properly, you have to worry about water leaks or your water heater not working at all. If you hire a professional to install your new tankless water heater, you should be able to enjoy a proper installation. This can help you significantly decrease the chances of having a plumbing issue or an issue with your tankless water heater.

3. You Might Need Help With Using and Maintaining It

Lastly, when you have your tankless water heater installed by a professional installer, you can often get help with things like learning how to set the temperature. Additionally, you can get advice or learn who to call for help when you need to maintain your tankless water heater. After all, many tankless water heater installers also offer maintenance and repair services for customers who need them.

Don't try to install your new tankless water heater on your own. Instead, consider the benefits of hiring a professional to help you for the reasons above and more.