Pool Resurfacing Guide To Add Attractive Custom Designs To Your Pool When Doing Repairs And Renovations

31 March 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

After years of use, the chemicals and sunlight can cause wear to your pool surface. Sometimes, these problems are just ugly blemishes but do not really affect the operation of the pool. The problems with pool surfacing can also be serious and cause water quality problems and leaks. Therefore, you may be planning on renovating your pool before the hot summer weather. The following resurfacing guide will help you add custom designs to your pool resurfacing project:

Removing Old Concrete And Coating Surfacing To Prepare For A Custom Design With A New Pool Surface

Concrete pools are often sealed with a special plaster and sealant coating, which can wear out and cause problems over time. When you have to resurface your concrete pool, you will want to talk to the pool repair service that is doing the repairs about custom patterns and designs that can be added to the surface when the new coating of sealant is applied. This is an inexpensive and attractive solution to give your pool a custom design.

Using Custom Tilework To Give Your New Pool Surfacing Project An Attractive Custom Finish

If you have a concrete surface or tile in your pool, it can be resurfaced with a new tile. This is the best solution to give your pool a new custom design. Talk with the contractor that is doing the resurfacing about options to do artistic murals and patterns for a more custom finish that is unique and attractive when resurfacing your pool.

Resurfacing And Repairing Fiberglass Pools That Have Been Damaged Due To Wear and Installation Problems

There are also a lot of different things that you will want to do when repairing a fiberglass pool. Sometimes, the repairs are due to wear and issues with the soils causing damage like bubbling. When the fiberglass is repaired, a new coating can be used to finish the surface of the pool and give it a unique custom design.

Using Custom Pool Liners And Vinyl Decals That Provide An Affordable Custom Finish For Any Type Of Pool Surface

Another type of pool that may repair is the liners of many pools. These are vinyl-like liners that are prone to problems with tears, punctures, and leaks. Eventually, pool liners wear out and can not be replaced. When you have a new liner installed, it can be finished with vinyl decals to create the appearance of a custom design. The good thing about pool decals is that they can be used for almost any type of pool surface to create your own custom design.

These are some of the things that can be done to give your pool a new custom surface when you are doing renovations. If you are ready to start repairing your pool to get it ready in time for summer, contact resurfacing service to have these repairs done before the summer heat.