Drippy Air Conditioning Unit? Give It A Good Cleaning With These Steps

10 January 2018
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If your indoor air conditioning unit begins to drip water all over its closet, you might think the appliance is on its way out. Your indoor unit may simply need a good cleaning. Throughout summer, indoor units build up with dust. Some of the dust can clog up the triangular-shaped coil inside the unit and block it. Any condensation that forms on the coil's surface can drip out onto the floor and dampen up the closet. Read More 

Picking Through Recyclable Materials Inside Computers

4 December 2017
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Do you need to get rid of an old computer? Are you a business with a lot of computers or general electronics that need to be tossed out? You could be throwing out some valuable materials if you're not taking advantage of competitive offers from commercial recycling companies who handle multiple recycling markets. Here are a few materials inside computers that are worth salvaging, just to give you an idea of what to expect when you tear the systems apart. Read More 

Save On Your Homeowners’ Insurance Costs With Basement Waterproofing

1 November 2017
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Waterproofing is an excellent protection all homeowners should consider. However, for those homeowners with an elevated flood risk, this step is especially critical. In addition to protecting your home, waterproofing your basement can have a positive impact on your homeowners' insurance policy. Learn just some of the ways this step can help keep more money in your wallet and reduce your stress level. Lower Premium Costs One of the quickest ways that waterproofing your basement can yield more money in your wallet is by lowering your homeowners' insurance premium costs. Read More 

Three Unique Things To Address On The Roof Of Your Home When You Live In An Area Prone To Tornadoes

29 September 2017
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When you own a home in an area that is prone to tornadoes, it is important to make sure that you take the time to properly prepare your home for an eventual natural disaster. One area of the house that needs to be focused on is the roof. The roof needs to be strong and properly protected if it is going to be able to withstand the high winds of a tornado. Read More 

Why You Should Order Your Own Roofing Materials When Having Your Roof Re-Done

11 July 2017
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If you are planning a re-roofing job, you might have just assumed that your roofing contractor will supply the roofing materials that are needed to get the job done. Even though it's true that many roofers will supply roofing materials for homeowners who are having these projects done, it can still be a good idea to look into ordering your supplies yourself. Then, you can simply ask your roofing professional what supplies you need, and you can order them and have them delivered to the job site for the roofer to use. Read More