Keeping Safe When Using A Dumpster During The Moving Process

21 December 2016
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If you plan on moving to a new house in the near future, you are most likely busy with the packing process. During this time, it is a good idea to weed out belongings you no longer need so you do not bother to package them or waste space on a moving truck to get them to a new destination. Many will rent a dumpster to aid in the disposal of no longer needed items. Read More 

What Happens When There’s a Defect in Your New Home’s Appliances?

30 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

There's a lot of different reasons that people choose to build their homes instead of buy, including the idea that they can have everything exactly as they want it to be from the start. Unfortunately, a brand new build can still come with problems—just not the same ones that you expect with older homes. New appliances, installed when the home was built, can often be a problem. Whose responsibility is it if the builder is finished when the buyer finds out that the dryer isn't vented properly, the washer won't fit through the door of the washroom, or there are other defects regarding your new home's appliances? Read More 

Creating A Kitchenette For A Guest Suite

3 November 2016
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Whether you have a mother-in-law apartment over your garage or you are considering converting your basement into a guest suite for out-of-town visitors, you may be thinking about adding a kitchenette. Even if you don't have a lot of extra space available, you can create a small kitchenette to make your guests feel more like they have their own space when visiting your home. Here are just a few ideas to make your guest kitchenette a wonderful addition to your home. Read More 

Do You Need Windshield Repair or Replacement?

19 October 2016
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When you are in your car driving, and a rock hits your windshield, or you just go out and see a crack or ding in your windshield, you may find yourself wondering what, if anything, you should do to fix the situation. There are three general options available to you. Those options are to do nothing, repair your windshield, or replace your windshield. Doing nothing about the damage to your windshield is the least desirable option because it can lead to further damage to your windshield and cost you more in the long run. Read More 

3 Parking Lot Maintenance And Repair Tips

30 September 2016
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To make sure that your parking lot is beautiful and liability free, you should always do as much as you can to keep it up to par. This will take some knowledge and effort, in addition to hiring professional contractors that can assist you. The end result will be well worth it when customers are able to drive and walk through your property with no issues. To learn a bit more about what you can do to maintain your parking lot, keep reading. Read More