Have One Or More Shower Niches Installed In Your Master Bathroom

24 December 2018
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If your morning routine often involves reaching out to various parts of the shower stall to retrieve shampoo, sponges, or soaps, then you probably have encountered some instances when you dropped what you were retrieving or possibly spilled the contents of your favorite bathtime products. If you are going to have new tiling installed in your master bathroom, request that a shower niche is built into the wall space. Learn About Niches Read More 

How To Deal With Your Retail Store Plumbing Going Out

4 November 2018
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Retail stores are an area when customers come to shop in comfort. A part of the comfort is being able to use the restroom or change babies as necessary. If you own a large store or if you have a store that is near eateries, it is a good idea to have available restrooms for your clients and your staff. One of the worst issues that can occur is the plumbing going out during the day. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money When Building A Pole Barn On Your Hobby Farm

24 September 2018
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If you need a safe and dry place to store your growing stable of farm equipment on your hobby farm, then a pole barn, from a company like O'Neil Building Systems, is a great solution. Pole barns are less expensive to build than traditional wood barns or garage buildings, and they go up in a lot less time.  If you have never built a pole barn, then these tips will help you save money and get the best barn to meet the unique needs of your hobby farm: Read More 

Lights, Camera, Take Action: When Your Child Flushes Something Strange, Request A Video Sewer Inspection

21 August 2018
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Something went down the sewer line that shouldn't have done so. Strange things do find their way into the plumbing lines. Adults may be a bit more judicious regarding how they dispose of debris. Small children don't always exercise the same judgment though. A child might take a simplistic view of how sewer lines work. So, while a parent performs do-it-yourself work in the bathroom, the child may choose to " Read More 

Post-Tension Slabs: Why?

4 July 2018
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If you've bought an empty lot with plans of building a house or commercial building, you may be working with your general contractor on a variety of issues. When considering foundations, your contractor may be urging you to go with post-tension slabs rather than a traditional foundation. These slabs are made of concrete with steel "tendons" (cables) inside them. Sometimes the tendons are laid in the foundation before concrete pouring is done. Read More